Atypical forms of Scabies

  • Nodular Scabies
Erythematous or skin colored persistent papules and nodules occur over genitalia, axillae especially in the male . Extremely pruritic lesions. These skin lesions can not demonstrate mite or mite products.

  • Norwegian or Crusted  Scabies
 Atypical rare form of Scabies that affects immunosuppressed persons (HIV infection and immuno suppressive therapy ) or those who have lost the sensation of pruritus, mentally retarded persons who are unable to take care of themselves.

Scaly erythematous and keratotic plaques over extremities, trunk, scalp and faces are characteristics of this condition.
This type of Scabies is likely to be missed without a high index of suspicion.
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Norwegian Scabies

  • Scabies in the 'Clean'
This type is usually present in individuals with good personal hygiene. These patients have fewer lesions, but sever pruritus. Lesions may be at atypical sites.

  • Scabies in infants
 This type of Scabies shows involvement of palms and soles as well as the face and scalp.
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